Professional Websites For Small Businesses


Our websites look great on all devices. They are fully responsive, which means the layout adapts to the screen being used.


Before a website can go live you need to make it available on a server and give it a domain name. We can help with that.


Once your website is up and running we will guide you through the easy process of keeping your website up to date


Affordable web design for small business

Cool Beans Web Design is based in the Chandler’s Ford area. We provide professional and affordable websites for small businesses and individuals to suit most budgets. Often the owner of a small businesses or start-up either doesn’t have the time to build a website, or simply doesn’t know how.

However, we live in a digital culture where people, your customers, are using the Internet every day from sharing on social media to more essential tasks such as banking. Many people just prefer to deal with life through digital media, rather than face to face. A fundamental part of any business plan should be to develop an online presence. In doing so a business can reach out to a greater audience and potentially increase their client base, even on a global scale. Doing this doesn’t have to cost the Earth and we are confident we can build you a professional looking website that is on time and within budget. GET STARTED NOW
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How The Process Works

It is easy to build a website… If you know how! We can guide you through the process of getting your business online – from registering your domain name through to the finished product. In four simple steps your website could be online in no time!


You must register a domain name so visitors can find you. It also allows your website to be found by search engines. A domain name is the www. address of a website, usually ending with .com,, or similar. A domain name is often included with a hosting package.


For your website to exist the content needs to be stored on a server for visitors to access it. Basic web hosting can cost just a few pounds a month. You can either arrange this yourself or let us do the work for you, so you can get on with running your business.


Many websites use stock images that are publicy available, either at a cost or royalty free. If you have your own images or media you would prefer to use we can do that. Or we can provide image enhancement and other basic editing to make your media work for you.


Choosing a theme, colour scheme, layout can be the most exciting part. From minimalist and elegant to vibrant and colourful, we work with you to get the look and feel of the website right for your business. Getting the right look can put you above the competition.


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